5:00 PM - 6:30 PM Eastern
Event Description

In this informative and interactive panel discussion, we will explore the key components of thought leadership and its value.

Setting: Live Virtual
, MA 02108


Thought Leaders are the informed opinion leaders and the go-to people in their field of expertise. They change the world in meaningful ways and enroll others to support or join their efforts.  As a result, Thought Leaders become the trusted sources who inspire people with innovative ideas; they turn ideas into reality and show how to replicate their success.  

In this informative and interactive panel discussion, we will explore the key components of thought leadership and its value: 


  • What is thought leadership
  • Who can be a thought leader
  • What impact can thought leadership have on your practice, your business and/or your community
  • What can you do as a thought leader to spread your perspective and motivate people to action

Attendees will leave with a better understanding of the power of thought leadership and the various ways in which they can develop their thought leadership and gain greater impact. 

Panelists:  Ed Evarts, President of Excellius Leadership Development; Sue Harvey, Founder of Riverwise Leadership and Katherine Golub, Founder of Callings and Courage Coaching

Presenter: Lee Levitt

As the founder of the Acelera Group, Lee has 30+ years of hands-on sales optimization, engagement and enablement experience, with large companies (Google, Oracle) and many smaller organizations. He began business and sales coaching in 2001, mostly focused on small business principals and individual sales people, and then built his expertise through working with thousands of sales people and managers, individually and in groups. He also developed his facilitation skills over the same time period, formally facilitating hundreds of account planning sessions at both Oracle and Google, and was certified as a Google Master Facilitator.

In early 2023  Lee (re)launched his consulting/coaching practice, working mostly with enterprise technology companies, focusing on the beliefs, behaviors, practices and results of individual sales people and sales teams.


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