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In this program, we’ll look at two aspects of spirituality in coaching: What is the role of spirituality in fostering vertical development, and how can we help clients deepen their relationship to their own sense of spirit?

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Spirituality in Coaching--an Adult Development Perspective
Presenter: Beth Shapiro
Date:  Monday Dec. 4, 4:30-6pm, virtual
Vertical Development has become a core goal of many executive coaches and leadership development programs. Loosely defined as “developing more complex and sophisticated ways of thinking, greater wisdom, and clearer insights,” (Center for Creative Leadership) Vertical Development is a key element of leaders’ ability to succeed in our increasingly complex world.
What many models, theorists, and practitioners don’t seem to address directly, however, is that real vertical development relies on a deepening sense of contact with something we don’t often talk about in coach training, let alone in MBA programs or business settings. There are many names for it--essence, spirit, higher power, God. Whatever word they choose, understanding your client’s connection to this element of their lives--and helping them deepen that connection--can be an essential tool to grow their capacity as a leader.
In this program, we’ll look at two aspects of spirituality in coaching.
  • What is the role of spirituality--and practices such as meditation, prayer, and inquiry--in fostering vertical development?
  • When clients are seeking the substantial shift in awareness involved in vertical development, how can we help them deepen their relationship to their own sense of spirit?
  • Clarity about what vertical development is, how it happens, and how it contributes to leadership effectiveness
  • Understanding the role of spirituality in vertical development
  • Experience with three practices--sensing, meditation, and inquiry as a tool for helping clients deepen their own contact with spirit.
Presenter bio
Beth Shapiro, PCC, ORSCC is the founder of TeamSpirit, Inc. and Sustainable Success. She specializes in helping organizations build the capacity to execute on change initiatives, and provides coaching and consulting on teaming, leadership, and workforce engagement. Beth holds a Master in Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School, and has served on the faculty of two prestigious coaching schools, the Coaches Training Institute and CRRGlobal. Her background includes more than 20 years of management and leadership in the private and non-profit sectors. Clients include Velux, Scripps Networks, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Boston Beer Company, IDEO, U.S. Transportation Security Administration, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, University of California at San Francisco, United Jewish Appeal of Greater Toronto, Greenpeace USA, National Head Start Association. 
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